Acting for Animation-[Task1] Character &Obstacle concept

After thinking for a long time, I came up within an idea like character with crutches.

Concept idea:
Giving up is easy especially when one has very little hope of anything positive happening. The following anecdote is an expression of the belief to never lose hope that anything good will happen.
My character will stood at the top of the staircase thinking how difficult it is going to be go down. As he tries slowly to get the crutches to help him, he cannot help but notice the medals and trophies adorning the shelves along the staircase. With each step down, he thinks of the glorious times he lived in, the fame he achieved as an athlete and the success he enjoyed at the various games. His thoughts are fully engrossed in a particularly exciting match which his team won, without paying attention to the steps. As he exhales in joy while recollecting the winning moment, suddenly he finds himself spiralling down the wooden staircase. He had missed a step and was now lying very uncomfortably towards the end of the steps. Help was just a shout away, but his heart was filled with courage to face a new challenge...the one to get up on his injured legs.
He wriggled, tried to get the crutches straight, his hands were trembling, body was weak and legs in pain, yet he attempted in various ways, and after many crucial moments later, he had a smile, a proud one because he had done it, all by himself. He was standing and he realized the importance of never ever giving up on even the smallest things because it will definitely lead to better results.

Characterization: Sportsman
Theme: Never ever give up in any situation
obstacle: Crutches, stairs