Acting for Animation-[Task1] Feedback from ED Hooks

With this idea I have changed the character setup he will walk up the stairs. As he comes out of the room with the crutches, he sees how to go up with the injured leg. So with the help of crutches he moves forward and sees his photo album and medals hanging in the wall. He walks up recollecting his winning moment, suddenly he finds himself spiralling down the wooden staircase. He had missed a step and crutches were moved away from him. Help was just a shout away, but his heart was filled with courage to face a new challenge.. the one to get up on his injured legs. He wriggled, tried to get the crutches straight, his hands were trembling, body was weak and legs in pain, yet he attempted in various ways, finally he had faith in himself and he started moving up. He was standing and he realized the inportance of never ever giving up on the smallest things because it will definitely lead to better results.