My latest project on robots.

Robotex, whose restrictions are embedded by Mainframe, process all data logically and computationally until they meet Earth’s free-willed children.  Understanding the diverse cultural gap between the two is not a matter of right and wrong but recognizing as ‘different’ will help them to develop and nurture their friendship throughout this science fiction robot action animation.

Portfolio Information

Title - Robotex 
The form of production - 2D+3D Animation
Composition - TV 30min X 52
Target viewer - age of 6~12
Genre - Action adventure


Far superior intellectually and physically than humans, Robotex (metallic organisms that possess infinite amount of the energy source ‘Core’, resembling a giant spinning top) are the strongest species in the universe.  However, the oppression of Mainframe restricts them from possessing creativity. Kai, Taff, and Iota are escaping toward the Earth with this doubt while chased by a powerful commander named Volcan.
Although Earth’s children are physically weak, Stony and his friends are able to help Robotex to be creative, which is foreign to them through this fateful encounter Amigo.  Through an entirely different encounter, they realize something new about themselves as well as each other as this turn of events unfold.

Can the new ability of combining childrens’ creativity with Robotex’s advanced scientific intelligence withstand Volcan’s ambition as it reveals and puts Earth in a danger?  Furthermore, are they able to liberate all of the Robotex from Mainframe’s oppression?

Animation TV series episodes

Robotex Toys